Professional Workout Devices


2011 World Champion in Classical Bodybuilding


2006 & 2013 World Champion in Wrestling 2012 Summer Olympics Silver medal 2014 Bronze medal in Wrestling World Championship 2015 Bronze medal in Wrestling European Championship


European Heavyweight Judo Champion in 2009

Big Rig

Great way to train in group of 12-24 people at same time. Different exercises can be done on Big Rig.

City-Line loading system

Now It is even easier to set the weights.

David City-Line

Abdominal bench, back extension and V-dip bars on one mounting plate

WristEquipment exercises

All exercises that can be done with WristEquipment device.

Jenö Kiss

Mr. Universe


SAFE AND EFFECTIVE WORKOUT Unique Machine The Wrist Equipment® is a unique training equipment, originally designed and custom made…

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Sail Functional artwork, which can be called as two in one product – design element and health device. Unique…

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GYM & Rehabilitation

Wrist Equipment is deal for wrist, forearm rehabilitation. It’s attractive, simple and effective multifunctional device.

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Outdoor gym

Totally new type of outdoor training equipment with adjustable weights loading system. Durable and unique traning devices.

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Sail is “two in one” product – design element in interior and health device, which can be proudly presented in home or office.

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Training ring

Big Rig is suitable into outdoor or indoor. Ideal for group training as 12-24 people can train on one device. Different exercises.

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Martin Padar



Martin Padar
European Judo Champion in 2009 & sport masseur
Creator of Wrist Equipment training program

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