Professional Workout Devices


SERUG OÜ does sales throught (webshop)
Registry code 14446863 , adress Endla 24- 1 Tallinn, Estonia.

  1. Sale conditions apply only for buying through webshop. The prices of products are marked next to the product or you can send an inquiery via e-mail in case the prices for some specific product or detail is not specified. Cost of delivery is not included in product prices and it will be offered based on the location of the buyer and the method of delivery. Delivery price will be agreed within e-mail. Information about the product is provided next to the product on the webpage.
  2. For ordering a product buyer must select a product and inform the seller via e-mail about the products and methods of delivery. Upon which sellers sends invoice with a price consisting of delivery and product price. Buyer can pay via bank link on the webpage , through the bank or some other agreed payment method.
  3. Delivery will not be made before the invoice is paid in full. In case the requested products are no available or there is some other reason why delivery can´t be made then the Buyer is informed about it instantly and will be refunded in full amout at the time period of 14 days.
  4. Delivert costs are beared by the Buyer and the price depends upon the delivery prices provided by delivery companies.In case Buyer request delivery then Buyer must send an location upon which Seller sends the price of delivery. Within Estonia delivery will be made within 7 days. Delivery to foreign countries may take as much as 30 days. In exceptional cases delivery time may be 45 days.
  5. After receiving the product the Buyer has right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days. This right does not apply to legal persons (companies). For using the right to withdraw from contract the product must no be used in any other method than for it´s purpose and making sure it works properly as would be testing in actual shop. In case the product has been used in any other manner and for other purposes then provided by Seller then the Seller has right for damages that are caused to the product by Buyer. For withdrewing from contract Buyer must send specific e-mail in which he/she requests to withdrew from contract and send back the product. This must be made within 14 days upon receiving the product.
  6. The delivery cost for returning the product to Seller is payd by Buyer. In case the product is not what was ordered or is with a defect, then delivery cost for returning the product to Seller is financed by Seller himself. In order to get the paid money to be returned, the product must be returned to the Seller or the Buyer must provide proof (receipe) that he/she has given the product over to delivery company to be returned to Seller. Money will be returned to the Buyer within 14 days.
  7. Seller may refuse to send a product at the price provided in webshop in case due a human error the price of the product is incorrect.
  8. Seller is responsible for all the defects that are present when delivering the product or becomes appearant within 2 years. For the first 6 months Seller is required to prove that defect is not caused by Seller. In case of the defect Buyer has the right to contact Seller.
  9. Seller is not responsible for defects that are caused when product is delivered to a Buyer. Seller has right to replace the product or return the money.
  10. Seller will answer any complaints about it´s products withing 15 days.
  11. Webshop uses Buyers data only for ordering purposes and delivering the products to Buyer. Seller will send newsletters and offerings to Buyer only in case Buyer is interested in it. Buyer has always right to refuse to get any offerings and newsletters.
  12. In case Buyer has complaints about Seller  then first he/she must inform the Seller about it through  e-mail. In case Buyer and Seller can not amicably settle the complaints then the Buyer has right to turn to European Consumer Center in Estonia or Estonian Consumer Center. Evaluating the complaint within Consumer Center by the Comission is for free.