Professional Workout Devices

Wrist Equipment – wrist, forearm and finger workout device

Wrist Equipment is definitely one of the best wrist, forearm and finger workout device in the market. One machine is capable to let you train different muscles. Although Wrist Equipment is mainly used by Gyms, private persons have serious interest in device (Pianists, athletes, schools, rehabilitation centers etc). Proudly We can say that is unique device, because It weights…

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City Line – new type of outdoor training

The purpose of making David City-Line was to develop and design a totally new type of outdoor training equipment line in cooperation with the City of Helsinki and David Sports Ltd. All City-Line products suit into urban environment. Project goals: Durable and mechanically solid line of equipment   for all-weather   conditions even without sheltering Suitability to a wide…

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Art Workout device – balance board with hand massage

Sail was born thanks to Urve Küttner, who came to idea to create functional artwork, in which are creativity, natural material and healthy well-being connected. Sail is “two in one” product – design element in your interior and also health device, which can be proudly presented in your office or home. Why Sail is unique in current modern society?…

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