Professional Workout Devices


Functional artwork, which can be called as two in one product – design element and health device. Unique design is created by Estonian artist Urve Küttner. Proper training position is developed by Swiss rehalibition therapist Ruth Aukia-Liechti. Exercises are created by European heavyweight Judo Champion and sport masseuse Martin Padar. Sail consists of balance board, wrist roller and hand massage. Sail suits into any office or home.

First Idea of making SAIL came from office workers, who claimed that our product Wristequipment is great device to train wrists and forehand, but It doesn’t fit into office interior – more likely into gym and sport hall. Sail is same effective as all Wrist devices, but instead of this, It is also design element. Training on Sail for 10-15 minutes daily gives effective results – avoids diseases that are common among office workers (mouse disease, spine problems, blood supply and heart diseases).

This is quick pitch by Martin Padar from Creative Estonia.

Good Day, my name is Martin Padar.  I’m an European Champion in Judo and I also work as masseuse. I am happy to introduce you the mulfifunctional and innovative office workout training equipment called „Sail”.

As masseuse I see daily people who have static working position due to desk job. This causes problems with heart and pain in lower back and also wrist pain which is often caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. Also known as „mouse disease” due to constant using of computer mouse.

Because of the age and different lifestyle reasons a lot of people don’t do any sports and are not active. This trend is problematic to the employers because healty worker and optimistic attitude helps to achieve better work results.  Lot of offices have interior that does not suit for heavy training equipment that are meant for sports gyms and that kind of equipment is also more meant for professional power lifters than for just refreshing oneself with few exercises.

Now as a solution for this problem we had artist Urve Küttner and sport equipment designer Gunnar Kaur come up with an idea to create functional artwork. Which combines creativity, natural material and healthy exercises for everyone.

We are all used to think that when artist creates something then it has more visual meaning than practical value. Something that you can admire in interior design or in exhibitions. In our case we have created art that is part of the interior design , that fits into the office or home, hiding in itself excercise machine for wrists, arms and lower body.  Innovative equipment is made of plywood and its correct training posture was developed in co-operation with Switzerland rehabilitation theraphist Ruth Aukia-Liechti.  For people to get maximum use from this innovative equipment I have put together few exercise plans for different people with different problems.

As you can see as the result we are offering for office workers  „Sail” training equipment with stylish design which combines balancing boards and wrist exercising machine. So in the lower part of the excerciser we have balancing board and upper part has wrist exercising machine so that you can get simultaneously train your lower body, hands and shoulders. SAIL´s purpose is mainly to alleviate the muscle tensions and stimulate the blood supply. Just using it for twenty seconds already gives desired results and it´s comfortable to use.

The ArtWorkoutTheraphy OÜ strategy is aimed to assemble original artistic design with modern undrestanding of excercises and technology to bring this product to office workers and home consumers. SAIL can be called  both a health training equipment or interesting interior design element.

So for the conclusion I would like  also to emphasize that for example The American Journal of Epidemiology reports that 86% of the American work force sits for over 7 hours a day and 80% of them really hates sitting.